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Nano/ mini Chupa chup phone charms from Japan for sale!

Two nano chupa chups phone charms for sale. Brand new. Each chupa chup charm is about 3 cm long.
  • Coca cola (Blue)
  • Chocolate and vanilla (marron)
$5.50 U.S SHIPPED for BOTH TOGETHER. I'm from Australia but will ship anywhere in the world for this price.

Pay in US dollars, please :) makes it easier for me coz I use US on the net. Paypal only :]

more pics @ my lj

100% positive feedback on my official shop journal:

Please leave a comment in my lj @ if interested in buying or have a question. Thanks!

They come from this collection, except they are not featured in this ad:

At Strapya, it was about $7.10 shipped for 2 chupa chup phone charms. You save if you buy here :]

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